Modern Times

Today Zagato has diversified and its structure has been altered to suit the changing times. The plant too has been modernized. Zagato SpA, the holding company, controls Zagato Car and Zagato Design. This last unit is both the creative impulse and driving force behind the company. When Ugo died in 1968 Elio and Gianni Zagato succeeded him at the head of the company. Shortly afterwards the Zagato Car Company began specializing in the production of armoured vehicles of all kinds. Zagato experimented constantly in this area of high technology, it registered many exclusive patents and achieved the highest levels of security. It is still a market leader in this sector in Italy today. In the meantime Gianni Zagato has become passionately involved in a project as ambitious as it is ahead of its time: electrically propelled vehicles. The first prototypes are being made now and then the first series for use in large exhibition centres or golf courses will follow. Using ever more sophisticated and reliable technology Zagato has recently had a vehicle homologated which is suitable for urban use. It may be used for long periods before recharging is necessary and its overall performance is exceptional. The coachbuilder’s art and motor car design have not been forgotten, needless to say. The last years have seen the production of numerous special series which have been commissioned by both Italian and foreign firms like Bitter, Bristol, Lancia, and Maserati, for whom Zagato is producing the Spider twin turbo. The centre for study and research, the Zagato Design company, continues the search for new design projects and its activities range from motoring accessories through to motor cycles, crash helmets, boats, and seats.

On its own initiative, but above all on behalf of car producers, Zagato makes two “dream cars”, the Aster and the Chicane, and exclusive coupe, the Alfa Zeta 6 which is built around and Alfa Romeo GT 6 injection. In 1986 an exciting design project has come to a successful conclusion: the Aston Martin Vantage Zagato In 1988: Aston Martin Volante Zagato.

And up till now the Zagato story goes on…