The Club

The Zagato Car Club was born in 1979 thanks to some affectionate owners of cars fit by Zagato. In these days many friends living in Italy, Europe, Australia, Canada and Japan, have become members.

The objects for which the society was established are:

  • To gather in an association the owners and lovers of cars fit on design and execution by Zagato.
  • To preserve the Zagato tradition on historical and cultural field.
  • To draw up and maintain a register of cars belonging to Members, Museums, public and private organizations.
  • To support and organize events and rally regarding Zagato cars and tourist and amateur activities.
  • It takes part to events and interclub rally.
  • Organizes, at regional level, Sunday meetings.

Promotion activities of Zagato brand:

  • The Zagato Car Club participates in historical car exhibition.
  • Promotes the exchange of cars ad accessories.
  • Achieves publications, periodical information and attend specialized magazines.
  • Carries out gadgets and promotional objects.


The Zagato Car Club organizes every year an international meeting lasting about three days reserved for Zagato cars, and Sunday meetings open to cars of all brands. They are opportunities to meet other fans, while visiting beautiful places. See you there!