VII Marelli Motori Trophy 15 April 2018

The Zagato Car Club, as part of the 2018 events in the 37th anniversary of the foundation, renews the traditional Sunday meeting with the beloved four-wheels in the Vicenza area with the collaboration of Marelli Motori of Arzignano that is pleased to host us to give life to the “7th Trophy” Marelli Motori “.


8.30 am Meeting at the MARELLI MOTORI plant Via Sabbionara 1 36071 Arzignano (VI)

  • Precision test valid for the 7 MARELLI MOTORI Trophy

10.30 am Tourist walk around the hills with tasting

1 pm Lunch in a characteristic restaurant
at 14.00 only for Members: Reading the 2017 Budget and approval.

17 hours Greetings

We thank the Management of Marelli Motori for its collaboration and kind hospitality.
Send the name of the crew members and a photo of your car. It will be at the discretion of the organizational management to communicate acceptance of the registration in which please indicate, in the event that the crew is not a ZCC member, the name of the proposing member ZCC.

For info and registration: